• Edward McKenzie

    Here is my Father in-law with his Cumbrian Jack Russell Terrier.. He entrusted me to carry the line on & pass it down to his Grand children if they so wished to pursue & keep the true original Cumbrian JRT going strong

  • Edward McKenzie

    Here is my Father in-law ( Edward McKenzie ) the founder of the Cumbrian Jack Russell Terrier my Father in-law started keeping detailed records around 1950 as before this date no detailed records exists..

Joe Bowman pictured above on the right with his family & a Cumbrian Caldbeck Jack Russell Terrier. Known then as a foxing Terrier.

Here is a picture of Joe Bowman.. The cumbrian Jack Russell Terriers decsend directly from the John Peel Line which was first introduced to our family by Joe Bowman whom was courting my late husbands fathers aunt.. Their are no spacific dates but our family have had the same strain of Cumbrian JRT's since 1806.. My late husbands Great Grandfather John Sarginson a blacksmiths in Cumwhitton from 1850 - 1920 Was the first person in our family to have the John Peel Cumbrian Jack Russell Hunt Terriers.. Donalds Grandfarther Issac Sarginson was also a blacksmiths in Cumwhitton from 1896 with one of the Cumbrian Jack Russell Terriers as seen below..


  • Issac Sarginson ..

    Issac Sarginson in 1896 holding one of the earlier Cumbrian Jack Russell Terriers..

  • Mr & Mrs Edward & Alice McKenzie..

    Mr & Mrs Edward & Alice McKenzie Holding Their Grandson My Late Husbands Nephew. Notice the Rough Coated Cumbrian Jack Russell by there feet..